INSEAD book in the spotlight


The Doriot and Tanoto Libraries are hosting a display on the following INSEAD book:

The internationalization of higher education and business schools: a critical review

by Gabriel Hawawini

from Monday 13 to Sunday 26 February.


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New DVDs at Doriot – February 2017

affiche_feb2017Please find the list of new DVDs here.

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New Business Best Sellers


Come and check our latest business best sellers, now available on Doriot Library first mezzanine.

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Welcome 17Ds!


Dear 17D Class,

Welcome to INSEAD.

Here are a few pointers to get a head start:

Are you in the job search mode yet?

Stop by on the ground floor of the library to check out our job search corner. Last year’s most popular titles: Ace Your CaseCase in Point, Crack the Case.

Looking to improve your Français, Italiano, or Deutsch to ace the 3rd language requirement?

Check out our language books, here is a selected list. For more material on various languages, just use the Library catalogue.

What about textbooks?

Most recent editions of textbooks cannot be checked out of the library, however, you are welcome to pick one up from the shelves on the ground floor and read it “in house”. No need to carry these heavy items around everyday. We also have a small selection of e-textbooks (look for the ‘online access’ mention).

Where can I find articles on a topic? How do I start researching a company?

You can start on this databases page, use these research guides or video tutorials.  If you want to know how to get full text articles from the Harvard Business Review or the Financial Times, create a target list of companies, find SWOT analyses and more, contact the research librarians.

How do I contact you?

The Doriot Library is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm. Contact the information desk during these hours or contact a specific person/department using the staff directory page.

We look forward to seeing you,


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New Books in January-February 2017



the heart and the brain of branding

Javier Sanchez Lamelas

Doriot and Tanoto Libraries

HF5415.3 .S36 2016

Secrets, lessons and insights from the frontline of world-class branding and marketing. This book exposes the marketing secrets and lessons learnt from one of the world’s most exciting global brands-Coca Cola-and how you can apply them to your own brand. It explores the core beliefs and principles that were needed to evolve one of the most powerful marketing machines on the planet that worked successfully across cultures and fast-changing environments.

The author was part of a team of outstanding individuals and agencies that generated better, faster and more effective marketing on an unprecedented level. Through a combination of research, theory and real-life experience, Lamelas explains why and how marketing works, and offers a proven framework to help you master your own marketing strategy.

Please click here for the complete new acquisitions list.

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Special Book Display – Riccardo Petrella


In conjunction with the third Conférence de l’INSEAD 2016-2017, “L’humanité a besoin d’une révolution : comment construire un monde différent?” on Thursday 5 January, the Doriot library is presenting the speaker’s book « Au nom de l’humanité : l’audace mondiale » . The speaker, Riccardo Petrella, is a political economist, Emeritus Professor at the UCL in Louvain, co-founder of the Lisbon Group and Founder of the University of the Common Good. The showcase will be on from Tuesday 3 to Sunday 10 January on the ground floor of the Doriot library.

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Special Book Display – Benoît Chantre


In conjunction with the second Conférence de l’INSEAD 2016-2017, “Face au déferlement de la violence terroriste, quel devenir pour la démocratie ?” on Thursday 1 December, the Doriot library is hosting a special display of books written by Benoît Chantre. The speaker is President of the Association Recherches Mimétiques and a fellow of the Imitatio Foundation in the United States. His last book “Les derniers jours de René Girard” was published in 2016 by the Grasset edition. Also on display the DVD of the Conférence de l’INSEAD “Passions, violence et croyance : l’homme est-il maître de son devenir

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