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The recent release of the 2007 Journal Citation Reports® shows strong impact gains for business and management journals published by Wiley-Blackwell.
In conjunction to this, the publisher offers free access to the articles which made the greatest contribution to the 2007 Impact Factor (IF) for each of its most highly ranked Business and Management journals:

British Journal of Industrial Relations

2/14 (Industrial Relations & Labor); IF: 1.295
An Investigation of National Trends in Job Satisfaction in Britain and Germany
Francis Green and Nicholas TsitsianisAgency Working in Britain: Character, Consequences and Regulation
Chris Forde and Gary Slater         
Industrial Relations
4/15 (Industrial Relations & Labor); IF: 1.098


Strategic Management Journal
6/72 (Business), 6/81 (Management); IF 2.829

Journal of Management Studies
10/72 (Business), 16/81 (Management); IF 1.926
Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom
Mike Wright, Igor Filatotchev, Robert E. Hoskisson, Mike W. Peng
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
13/72 (Business), IF 1.805
Journal of Organizational Behavior
14/81 (Management); 8/57 (Applied Psychology), IF: 1.981
Self-determination theory and work motivation
Marylène Gagné, Edward L. Deci
Journal of Product Innovation Management
18/72 (Business), 26/81 (Management), 1/33 (Engineering, Industrial); IF 1.585
Market Orientation and the New Product Paradox
William E. Baker, James M. Sinkula
British Journal of Management
19/72 (Business), 27/81 (Management); IF 1.534
International Journal of Management Reviews
20/72 (Business), 28/81 (Management); IF 1.500
Corporate Governance An International Review
25/81 (Management); IF 1.590
The Financial Sector and Corporate Governance: the UK case
Chris Mallin, Andy Mullineux, Clas WihlborgCorporate Boards in OECD Countries: size, composition, functioning and effectiveness
Pablo de Andres, Valentin Azofra, Felix Lopez         


Decision Sciences
29/81 (Management); IF 1.435
Examining the Impact of Interorganizational Systems on Process Efficiency and Sourcing Leverage in Buyer-Supplier Dyads
Khawaja A. Saeed, Manoj K. Malhotra, Varun GroverInternal and External Integration for Product Development: The Contingency Effects of Uncertainty, Equivocality, and Platform Strategy
Xenophon Koufteros, Mark Vonderembse, Jayanth Jayaram             

Other ISI ranked Business and Management journals from Wiley-Blackwell include:
American Business Law Journal: 41/72 (Business), 49/100 (Law); IF: 0.889
Applied Psychology: An International Review: 23/57 (Psychology, Applied); IF: 1.317
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences: 72/72 (Business), 81/81 (Management); IF 0.119
Family Business Review: 49/72 (Business), IF 0.675
Journal of Forecasting: 70/81 (Management); IF 0.400
Gender, Work and Organization: 5/28 (Women’s Studies), 36/81 (Management); IF 1.185
International Journal of Selection and Assessment: 59/81 (Management), 45/57 (Applied Psychology); IF 0.631
International Labour Review: 14/15 (Industrial Relations & Labor); IF: 0.267
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making: 18/57 (Applied Psychology); IF: 1.583
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy: 47/81 (Management), 67/191 (Economics); IF 0.875
Journal of Consumer Affairs: 31/72 (Business); IF 1.056
Journal of Small Business Management: 55/81 (Management); IF 0.703
Personnel Psychology: 3/57 (Psychology, Applied); IF 2.615
Psychology & Marketing: 38/72 (Business); IF 0.919
Negotiation Journal: 74/81 (Management); IF 0.340
New Technology, Work and Employment: 48/81 (Management), 8/13 (Ergonomics); IF 0.857
R&D Management: 53/72 (Business), 60/81 (Management); IF 0.597
Review of Agricultural Economics: 62/72 (Business); IF 0.469
System Dynamics Review: 56/81 (Management); IF 0.656
Systems Research & Behavioral Science: 68/81 (Management); IF 0.467
 For a full list of all the business and management journals published by Wiley-Blackwell, please visit www.interscience.wiley.com

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