Welcome class of July 2012!

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Are you in the job search mode yet?
Check out our job search corner. Last year’s most popular titles: Ace Your CaseCase in PointCrack the Case. See the full list here

Looking to improve your Français, Italiano, or Deutsch before the language placement test?
Check out our language books  on the ground floor of the Library.  For more material on various languages, just use the Library catalog and type  (for instance) “japanese language” to retrieve relevant grammar and foreign language textbooks.

What about textbooks?
Most recent editions of textbooks are on the ground floor but cannot be checked out of the library. You are welcome to read it “in house”! No need to carry these heavy items around everyday.

What do you mean “Google does not have everything”!?
At least not yet! If you want to know how to get full text articles from the Harvard Business Review or the Financial Times, create a target list of companies, find SWOT analyses and more, attend one of the training sessions offered by the Library, and check out the list of databases at your fingertips!

How do I contact you?
The Doriot Library is opened 24/7 and staffed Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 7:30pm, you can also contact a person or a department by phone or email from the staff directory page, and follow us on Twitter.

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