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Le Monde, 70 ans d’histoire

le-monde-70-ans-d-histoireThe prestigious daily newspaper Le Monde celebrates its 70th anniversary on December 18th.

To mark this occasion, the book “Le Monde, 70 ans d’histoire“, highlighting 7 decades of history in articles is on display, 1st mezzanine, Doriot Library, 13-17 October

Come to the library and browse the world with your fingertips!

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Spotlight on Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews
Discover this collection of review articles at a special display on the ground floor of the Doriot Library from 24-28 February.
Two new journals published in 2014 by Annual Reviews:

Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application. Volume 1 published in January with complimentary online access during the journal’s first year (until January 2015).
Learn more here:

Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior. Volume 1 publishes in March with complimentary online access during the journal’s first year (until March 2015).
Learn more here:

Usage statistics this year will determine if the Library takes on a permanent subscription to these 2 new journals.

Please note that within the Annual Reviews collection, the Doriot Library is already a longstanding subscriber to

Annual Review of Sociology
Annual Review of Psychology

Annual Reviews journals have Impact Factors ranking among the highest of publications assessed and indexed in Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

INSEAD faculty regularly contribute to Annual Review journals. Here is the most recently published article:

Patrik Aspers, Fréderic Godart
Sociology of fashion: order and change
Annual Review of Sociology, vol. 39, 2013

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Doriot Library renovations, phase 1: moving the collections

The Doriot Library building (CII) will soon be undergoing major renovations in order to improve sanitary facilities and modernize the infrastructure.

Work will proceed in stages, with the first phase consisting of moving the book and journal collections to make room for new facilities.


Over the next four weeks, maintenance staff will be moving cartloads of library materials on the two main library floors, so we apologize for the noise and disruption.

Should you need help finding any items during the move, please do not hesitate to ask the library staff.

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The International Herald Tribune becomes the International New York Times

The International Herald Tribune is an English language international newspaper. It combines the resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times and is printed at 38 sites throughout the world, for sale in more than 160 countries and territories. Based in Paris since 1887, the IHT is now part of The New York Times Company, and is renamed the International New York Times today (15/10/2013)

On the occasion of the title change, a special supplement Turning the Page is published

Read the newspaper full story here

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2013 Nobel Prize in Economics

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 


has been awarded to

Eugene F. Fama
University of Chicago, IL, USA

Lars Peter Hansen
University of Chicago, IL, USA


Robert J. Shiller

Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

“for their empirical analysis of asset prices”.

Press Release.

Read more about Trendspotting in Asset Markets



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Using Newslines: FT annotating tool

INSEAD Faculty:

Enhance your students’ learning experience by using’s annotations feature, Newslines, to analyze articles publicly. While all FT users can make private annotations, only faculty can do so publicly, choosing the level of visibility: INSEAD users only or all users.

You can then use the Clippings feature to organize and share your selection of articles with users of your choice.ft_001

As an annotator, you are encouraged to add a profile with a photo and a biography to the site. Please note that users can vote for your annotations, creating a ‘reputation score’ for each annotator and a top 5 ranking of annotators.

For further information, contact the library or check’s Newslines help page.

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Special display – Women in Business

womenIn conjunction with INSEAD’s annual initiative “INSEAD Celebrates Women”,

the Doriot library is hosting a special book  display on

“Women in Business”

from 8 to 17 March.

See also our top 5 journals in Women’s studies ranked by Impact Factor :

Gender & Society IF: 2.414
Psychology of Women Quarterly IF: 2.115
Women’s Health Issues IF: 1.610
Journal of Women’s Health IF: 1.569
Gender Work & Organization IF: 1.206

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